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Killing 2020 – How you can stay organised and start the year off right

Like many others, I opened up my laptop and pulled up my email inbox (which, mind you, I had not looked at since the 19th December) this morning to filter through a mushroom cloud of emails. ( checked rarely during holiday time)

With equal parts dread and a nagging urge to organise and file, I sorted and caught up on unread messages. I relished the fact that 2020 means getting myself back on track and staying organized — hopefully not just for the first week back to work, but for the entire year ahead. (I like to think I’m a pretty organised person)

Everyone has different organisational challenges whether you work in an office or at home as a freelancer. Maybe your sticky notes aren’t cutting it when it comes to staying on top of your to-do list, perhaps your work and personal calendars has presented a constant double-booking problem, or maybe you hyper-focus on one task for so long that you forget the other important items on your plate for the day.

Whatever it is, this is a great time of year to try out some new ways of staying organised. Just as not everyone has the same weaknesses, not every organisational tool will seem appealing — or useful — to everyone. Truly, it’s about finding something that works for you and using it to your advantage so that you can be your most efficient self at work, cut down the stress, and open up a lot more mental energy for more things that make you feel accomplished.

Here’s a few tips from me:

* Star Important emails
* Make physical to-do lists
* Leave emails on unread
* Use Slackbot reminders
* Find a planner that works for you
* Use Iphone/google reminders
* Combine your work and personal calender’s
* Make spreadsheets
* Use a timer app
* Use Trello to map out big projects

Let me know how you stay productive 

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